A Profession Where it is an advantage to be a mom

The time management champion mothers with young children may be a hidden reserve in the programming workforce, according to invited speakers at the Women in Tech meeting of the Codecool programming school. Female executives at companies recruiting from the IT field, building their own IT team and developing recruitment software told about a hundred guests gathered at Codecool’s largest lecture hall.

This evening, the focus was on women, and it quickly became apparent during conversations that agile women are often still exotic to tech companies, especially at the decision-making level, especially in IT. Anikó Pethő, CEO of Aarenson bounty hunter, Kata Illés, co-founder of Indivizo and Maria Balogh-Mázi, managing director of DreamJo.bs, attended the event. They share an adventurous path to their current field of expertise, while their fate was shaped by both fatal accidental and deliberate planning.

Equality is not the same anymore

Of course, everyone agreed that there were many differences between women and men in their attitudes towards work, coworkers and the company. In the most natural way, the participants of the event, both speakers and audience speakers, testified about the strengths and weaknesses of women compared to men. According to Maria Balogh-Mázi, women are more effective in advocacy, stress management, recognizing tensions within the team, fatigue or psychological distress.

According to Anikó Pethő, in many cases, female perception, a belief not fully supported by facts, provides the added value that can ultimately succeed in projects, even if there is an irrational lack of resources. There is a widespread belief among women that they primarily want safety and comfort, and that nesting instincts work involuntarily.However, it also manifests itself in the harsh conditions of being able to make their environment homely and tidy, make the most of the situation, organize the optimal use of resources.

Using a 12 inch laptop as a working mom is more important than ever. They are very easy to carry around and can save you a ton of time, research says.

“As one of our first engagements, we committed to outsource three hundred people to our Far East principal from a home office, with my second, with success,” said Aarenson Consulting, owner of the starter. Kata Ills said that diversity is as positive for an organization as cultural diversity. Different perspectives, different experiences can come from family, cultural, professional background, all of which give a better maturity to an organization.

Practice proves that a healthy and mixed body will be successful for both men and women, without anyone having to exercise self-control to do anything wrong.

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